Monday, January 10, 2011

Create and Relate

I'm openly biased (only in a way that could overtly encourage you) but Josh Bellfy, (my favorite local artist) has an opportunity to start something of his own production right here in San Diego. Edgeware Gallery in Kensington is allowing him use of the space (he basically built) to instruct weekly art classes on the weekends. Starting last Saturday actually, he is offering creative classes that are open to the public, integrated as far as inviting people of all walks of life and age range, and is quite affordable as well. Some of the project include mask making, collages, and learning how to draw to scale.

I'm plugging participation of this because I feel it's a great way to take the new year by it's grimy horns and do something "artistic" for fun. If you are a student and looking for some resources, or a local resident who wants to get out on the weekend, or a person with a disability who wants to meet people... Create Relate classes are a good start. If nothing else it provides a space for one on one instruction for your child/children while you get a mani/pedi. Plus, $25 for 3 hours with basic materials covered is a great deal!

The background of the project, and everything else you need to know, and more is on so check it out. Hope to see you there!

Examples of Bellfy's personal collages

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