Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make your own (Joy) Boe's

For years women in Kenya have been recycling old magazines and newspapers into jewelry, like these paper necklaces from World Buyers. I love this for several reasons, their resourcefulness is not only Eco-friendly by cutting down on the amount of trash, but they make a living by being creative, often times becoming the breadwinner for their families.
I found a similar neat-o idea on Talk Crafty To Me for making your own gift wrap out of magazines this holiday season, or year 'round. All you need is some decorative paper materials like newspapers and/or magazines, old map's, or sheet music and double sided tape. You can also use fabric and substitute the tape for hot glue or colored staples.

Start by cutting a page lengthwise into nine 3/4-inch-thick strips of heights shown: Three at 11 inches, three at 10 inches, two at 9 inches, and one at 3 1/2 inches.

Twist each strip to form loops at both ends. Make a circle out of the smallest.

Secure the ends with a piece of double-sided tape.

Layer and stick, starting with the longest strips. End with the circle in the center and oh joy, you're done.

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