Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Baby Cakes

Good things can come in small packages, and one of my favorites is cupcakes! This year for my birthday I'm dying for one... or a few... hehe

I just love the whole concept of something delicious crammed into a cute cup, smeared with goodness, crowned with a candle or topper then dusted with sprinkles! What could be better?

Having your cake and eating it too!

Oh Seattle, you are only a short flight away. These creations at Trophy are just adorable. I'll take two, thank you...
These canister's from Domino are sweet!
Forget the cherry on top, I want one of these customized toppers from Diana Evans

but I also love the glitter and glitz of the vintage images you'll find at Bug & Boo on Etsy

ohmygoodness I may just have to re-think my Halloween costume.... this is too cute!
(Image All things cupcake)

Well, if I have to do it myself, these Designer baking goods make me want to bake! From the baker's confections and Urban Outfitters

Everything you could ever need at Bake it Pretty

And don't forget the sprinkles!
(image from Amy Sedaris "i like you")

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

9 by Design

Since Jersey Shore ended, there's hardly any t.v. worth watching anymore (haha) but lately I've stumbled upon Bravo's newest docu-series called 9 by Design. I not only like it, I set-my-Dvr-to-record-love it! It features the crazy life and creative genius of a husband/ wife team of designers based in New York City.

Robert and Cortney Novogratz started renovating run down urban facilities in New York City in the early 90's. With little funds, they renovated a space in the up and coming "Chelsea" neighborhood. When (then) big-time Musician Suzanne Vega offered to rent the space at three times the mortgage, they of course obliged, and the rest is history! Since then they have popped out 7 kids and 8 renovated homes, all of which appear to have turned out pretty nicely (despite being named Five, as their fifth child was... which I think is unique but just sayin')

What I love about what they do, is first off the fact that they're self taught and insanely creative. They've used nontraditional and usually abandoned spaces and turned them into spacious homes, mostly by using recycled or reclaimed materials from the original fixture. Here is a before picture of one of their projects:
And After:
I especially love how instead of a standard rooftop garden, they opted for something their kids would use, a basketball court! But this one mimics the design of an adjacent church dome... I also love the eclectic mix of antique and modern accessories they use inside:
And their use of texture to add warmth to white walls, like these graphic curtains in the twins room: Here they used a garage door in leu of standard windows and/or french doors to open up the kitchen space and enjoy the view of the city:
For more images & info on their book, go to their official website Sixx Design
Or just watch on Bravo Tuesday night's, which I am going to do right now!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thread Show *Standouts*

In no particular order...

*Pocket gardens and living sculptures by Tend: Enduring Design for Modern Living
* Recycled Wears from Taxi cdc

* The cutest little barrettes and accessories at ohhellofriend * Swimsuits that actually make me want to swim! Fables is coming soon to San Diego...* The only art in the place worth seeing, by far. Artist Zaragoza from Peppermint DayDreams
* Mid Century furniture that is pristine (and actually affordable) at Nest VintageImage from website

and last but certainly not least Sezio! A non-profit artist's organization in San Diego, run by some pretty charming boys. Their next event is happening this Tuesday April 13th at Bar Basic.
Maybe I'll see ya there...

Monday, April 5, 2010

indie design & fashion show

This year's THREAD spread runs Sunday April 11th from 11-5pm at some abandoned building in Horton Plaza. I've never gone before, but this year I am going for the following reasons...
Can't pass the chance to:

* Shop Eco-friendly designers in the THREAD Responsibly section
* Get in the door for $8 (if you donate clothes at the door, $10 without)
* Swap something old for something new! (By bringing a bag of clothes to part with in exchange for a bag of someone else's in the THREAD Swap Lounge).
* Browse The Haiti Poster Project collection and buy art that will benefit Haiti
* See more than 100 independent designers with their Spring trends

Not to mention this year they've added a housewares department... ooh la la!

I'm there, who's coming with?
(P.s.- I want this coat...) All the info here