Monday, December 13, 2010

My hands made this for you... Trois

Day 3: Photo books

Ever wonder about those photos your friends take throughout the year? You know some shutterbug had a camera at your party, but you never got to see the images? I bet they wonder about yours too. A neat way to wrap up some of your favorite memories or share the one's you missed is by creating a photo book of some of the standouts, or a more artful one of just some of your personal favorites.

This one is made from leftover pieces of images, literally creating a book of scraps.

If you're looking for a simpler solution, you can always just burn a disc of the pictures and make a cover for the CD case. For example, label it 2010 and use photos from throughout the year, or come up with a theme and use photos that match. Someone bought a new home, or had a baby... or maybe a funny one with all the snapshots of your drunk buddies. You can also physically print them out at a local photo supply store/CVS/ Target/and put them into a purchased book. Grimm on has quality handmade albums that you can easily customize yourself, he does all the hard work and you get all the credit, Boom!

Either way, everyone likes photos yet not everyone has the time or money to take them themselves. This is the gift that lasts for years, so make it for someone special.

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