Sunday, December 12, 2010

My hands made this for you... Day 2 (Deux)

Day 2: The hardest button to button

For this little craft you will be making flower shaped "button buttons" and will basically need three items: a hot glue gun (and glue sticks), clothing buttons, and pin fastener's. You can go to Michael's and get all 3 in one place, or if you're like me, you may already have a whole bunch of buttons you have saved from garments or somehow acquired (in my home, buttons are like dust bunnies, they seem to
just appear.) Also, most thrift shops or fabric stores sell bulk bags of miscellaneous buttons. Those are the most fun because you never know what gems you may find for such a cheap deal!

Start by selecting a few larger standout buttons, that will act as the "pollen" for the flowers. It's better to use a larger sized middle button, then smaller buttons for the "petals". If you have a special button that is vintage or extra decorative, use that as the center and more ordinary supplies for the sides. The petals don't necessarily have to be all the same color, they could also alternate colors. You can also layer buttons to give it a more embellished effect.

Glue each petal slightly at the underside of the center button, so that when it's worn they will poke out from underneath. It is easiest to lay the center button face down and glue everything in the same direction. Before it's dry you can turn it right side up to make any necessary adjustments before it's stuck. The last step is the glue the pin fastener to the back of the "button button", flat side down. Make sure if you have created something that has a certain up or down side, that you line up the fastener accordingly before gluing.

This method can be altered depending on what materials you have and who you're making them for. If you have a bunch of larger sized buttons or a lot of vintage pieces, you can just make a nice layered brooch that is not a flower. Or, for kids, use brighter materials like this mom did below.

LinkYou can also incorporate cut out pieces of felt and/or fabric to make an even larger statement like this chick from London. In this case, stitch the fabric or felt together with the button before gluing the pin onto the back.

Whatever you chose to do, the end result is a nice variety of unique and cheap brooches to give to the women or children in your life. They're perfect for decorating a tote bag, holding a scarf in place, or even on packages for a handmade sentiment.

Buttons made by SMSC clients at Sophie's Gallery

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