Monday, October 18, 2010

The Unicorn Bar: 5 Stars & Stripes

When it rains in San Diego I always think of Seattle Washington, where the climate encourages sweater vests and cardigans, things like buckled shoes and layers. I am jealous of the thriving green of the area, the moss and vines smothered over decaying city buildings and trees, on top of trees, on top of more trees. Some with technicolor leaves, (what a concept). Besides the lush environment, I enjoy the culture of the living there, and often wish San Diego had half the treasures I have found in the short time I have spent up North. One of my favorite "5 star" finds, is the Unicorn Bar located in Capitol Hill.

Inside it's striped exterior it feels like the circus has come to town, but isn't leaving anytime soon! There are more stripes, taxidermist horned animals hanging off the wall, and several ornate chandeliers. The bar area looks like a carousel car, paused just long enough to serve you a stiff one before wheeling on. (Thank God it doesn't actually turn, I have been to the famous rotating bar in Vegas- from Fear & Loathing, and it was terrifying).

More so, their drinks are packed to punch with yummy, unique names suited to fit the Equestrian theme.

This is the Hellicorn, a delicious blend of Fireball whisky and ginger beer! Since going I have found the Aero club in San Diego serves Fireball as well, love it.

Lots of inappropriately delicious cocktails on the menu, in addition to snacks like Narwhal Balls and Fried Cornichorn's....

The venue is something magical, and I wish I could transport myself up there whenever I am having a bad day. I highly recommended at least stopping by if you ever visit the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, but the next best thing (and more affordable) is getting the look yourself.

Sunset magazine offers an easy to follow tutorial on "striping" your walls at home. Maybe pink and green aren't your thing, but it is a nice guide to refer to in general if you want to paint an accent piece of furniture or add some wainscoting to your home. Paired with a Victrola or over sized bottle of peacock feathers, you are halfway there.

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