Tuesday, October 19, 2010

El Camino, not just a bitchin' ride

Last night I went out to my favorite local restaurant in South Park, the Dia de los Muertos themed El Camino. Since opening last year I have been a few times, but have yet to visit their other location in Little Italy. This place rules for several reasons:

Awesome decor! Every inch is covered with something to look at, and if you're into the Day of the Dead this place will tickle your fancy. Murals on every wall...

A trippy holographic Mary art piece... (that after a few margarita's can be nauseating to watch)

An altar with handmade sugar skulls right outside los bano's, which has silver glittered floors by the way (and looks like a galaxy when you pee, hehe)

And plenty of Spanish lingo to learn, written even on the ceilings.

Besides the decorations, they have great food at affordable prices. Starting with a tray full of 6 different salsas to try, and authentic jicima with chile and lime, their menu has an appreciated variety of vegetarian meals and traditional Mexican favorites. I love their sweet potato flautas, which are sweet and spicy. (I did not get any photos of the food because we pretty much scarfed it down) but between their sopa de Fideo (soup), and Nachos El Camino, there were no complaints.

They also have an adorable bar area that is small but cozy, with vintage buttoned bar stools I want to take home with me.

They don't offer a full bar variety, but the select drinks they have are pretty nice, could be a little stronger but it makes up for it by being served in a boot glass!

I love this place year round, but during October it tends to be much busier than usual, so if you go just beware you may have to wait a little longer than usual for service. Totally worth it though for good food and a good time. Plus, the Whistle Stop is right across the street and has free events during the week like trivia night and my favorite, Booty Bassment! Great date night activities, if you ask me.... especially if you show up in one of these bad boys.

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