Friday, October 8, 2010

Stuff 'N Thangs on Saturday Night

Tonight at Agitprop, local artist Joe Yorty shows some of his recent work. I am looking forward to this event not only because it follows a Poetry reading (by poets Farrah Field and Jared White), but because you never know what Joe will come up with next.

Some of his work includes a Free Couch archive, that includes over 20,000 photographs taken off Craigslist that he has distinctively organized into a library of 7 volumes, in booklets that are handmade.

Another favorite of mine is the E.T. project, where 120 ceramic E.T. figures were slip cast over a 10-month period from a single plaster mold he purchased from a second-hand store in 2009. Once glazed and serialized The E.T.s were then circulated through donation to area thrift stores where they were priced, shelved and sold to the public. I collected my own E.T earlier in the year at the 2nd annual Thrift Store Bike Tour!

(My face does not reflect my sheer joy at finally owning one, but I think it was the heat, honestly)

This occasion precedes Joe's birthday by a few weeks, which happens to be on Halloween! Come enjoy work worth seeing, at Agitprop space in North Park, at 7pm. After tonight, you'll have to make an appointment with this guy to see it!

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