Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bloodbath McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath is a Los Angeles based artist that I have been following since High School, when I first discovered her creepy sculptures and diorama's which inspired some of my own playful shadow boxes over the years. The construction between topics such as marriage, family, and bodies, juxtaposed with the slimy underside of the reality within them, makes for intricately morbid moments of truth displayed almost like frozen nightmares. Her use of catholic symbols, animals in human dress, and an almost child-like frosting over it all, reminds me of a storybook that takes a dark turn and/or a fragile mind being exposed to life, far too soon, and probably in/around a butcher's shop.

For this reason, she is an ideal Artist to showcase as part of my Ode to October.

Truth Decay

Schwein Haben

In the year of the Pig Fish

Thimble Riggers

Deer House

Frankie Machine

The Vampirates

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