Friday, October 22, 2010

Return to Oz & Penner

Return to Oz, one of my favorite films of all time, continues to inspire and delight me after all these years. Fairuza Balk in her first ever role plays Dorothy, mentally affected from her return to the normal world after her exposure to Oz. Her family eventually takes her to a psychotherapist who administers electric-shock treatments in an eerie facility that looks more like a dungeon than a hospital. During a huge storm she manages to escape and awakes to find herself back in Oz, which has deteriorated drastically since she was there last. Her journey takes her to creepy characters such as the Wheeler's, Mombi, the witch with ever-changing heads, dancing women frozen to stone, in addition to new slightly deranged side kicks that help her along the way.

This film is packed with magical scenes, with beautiful landscape shots of a decayed Emerald City, fantasy characters in elaborate dress, and all the traditional key players in a new, darker and more disturbed setting. I was delighted to discover an artist that seems to share the same subtle appreciation. Alia Penner creates photography, illustrations and design that feel like extended frames from Return to Oz.

Carriage ride into town

Lost Girls 2006

Dorothy at the Institution

3D Bed 2009

Statues with the Wheeler's & city of ruins

Mystical Animal Collection 2009

Mombi, the witch
Bandstand 2008

Ozma and Dorothy

Belles of Black Diamond Field

Spell 2009

The lunch tree (one of my favorite things)

Imagine our love still 2008

The ride to Emerald City

Success 2009

The Yellow Brick Road

Lauren 2007

An exceptional movie, and an inspirational artist. Hope you enjoy!

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