Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ode to Olive

Not just during the fall, but year 'round, in my choice of clothes and decor I generally like jewel tones that are infected with a bit of dirt, hues that are slightly darker that could potentially come from the earth. Strangely, most of my favorites are named after foods: eggplant, avocado, mustard and olive to name a few. Maybe I find warmth from the moodier tones and/or am subconsciously trying to mask the fact that I live in a desert!

Here are some crave-able color combination's using Olive green that makes me especially happy.

Olive with Teal/ Blue

Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the background- Vincent van Gogh 1889

Olive with Gray
/ Charcoal

I want, no NEED a window seat

Olive with Red
Tiny Robot bell jars, cute!

Olive with Chocolate Brown

Cluttered, but inviting

Olive with White
or Oatmeal

Paired with cube's for a vintage vibe office space

Olive with Mustard Yellow

I love how an abandoned pallet becomes re-purposed into a plate rack.
The raw wood tones with the mustard plates feels very organic. Just watch out for splinters, right?!

Olive with Fuchsia

Pink, probably my favorite

Olive with Black & White

Love this buttoned couch, very classy

Olive with Purple/ Plum/ Eggplant

Purple and gold makes it pop

Olive with Orange/ Rust/ Burnt Umber

I love this living room, which must be inspired by van Gogh's palate in this olive tree painting
(but would definitely add a rug in there to warm it up)

Try adding some olive to your home this fall. It's a surprising neutral color that looks great with just about any color, but if you get stuck, use the suggestions above.

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