Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Valentine, be mine!

Whoa, very in love with this beauty...

Check out this gorgeous typewriter, appropriately named the Valentine. I found this on Poetic Home (dot com) and it became an instant *want*
Apparently the Olivetti Valentine typewriters were originally designed in 1969 by Ettore Sottsass to be the "anti-machine" of writing machines. This typewriter was not meant to be placed in the confines of a cubicle. Instead, its lightweight modern design was ideal for the beats and the freaks: travelers, poets who were inspired in cafes, and writers who enjoyed composing poolside...

But wait, it gets better... In 2008, some dudes in the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts (in Vienna) created a modern laptop inspired by the Valentine!

Genius!Look at how when closed, it resembles the cover case for the original writing machine. Love!

I also just love Poetic Home: Living in vintage poetry in general. They have oodles of great stuff, including where to buy old Library card catalogs in California, D.I.Y. idea's for fun, re purposed-wares and much more. They also have an Etsy store with loads of vintage office supplies only sexy secretaries dream about!
With Mad Men's season 4 right around the corner, I'm itching to notarize or staple something.

(Images from their etsy store)

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