Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hot town, summer in the city...

The first day of summer isn't officially here for another couple weeks, but the recent change in weather has made me want to start prepping for it. Here are some suggestions to switch out your home for the summer season without breaking the bank.

1. Replace throw pillows with a new pattern or color. Stay away from heavy fabrics such as velvet or corduroy, those are best suited for the fall/wintertime. Below are some cool toned selections from Umbrella Prints

(I would love to sleep like this! But instead I'm just gonna take off my feather down and pretend I am! You can make the summer switch with something more lightweight, like linen or bamboo fabric sheets.)

2. Add something living to your space! Succulents have worked great for me because they require little water and a moderate amount of sun. Tend makes great hanging succulent bowls which can be found at Pigment, or you can make your own terrarium out of old jars. Even picking some neighborhood or yard clippings into bud vases around your space will add some green to your things. I love this over sized planter from Design Night and this potted floral from Anthropologie

3. Sometimes living in the city means you don't get the luxury of a yard or outdoor area. A simple solution to this is by creating a space near a window in your apartment where you can enjoy the outdoors from within. Look for small metal pieces of furniture in thrift stores that may look like they belong in the garden. A coat of Kilz primer spray paint will stop any rust from spreading, and smooth out the surface for a coat of another color of your choice. These examples are from Garden House and Anthropologie, and cost much more. But don't buy that, save money and recycle! Make your own, it's real easy.
Add some potted plants, maybe a small end table for a book or drink, and voila! You have your own little wannabe window sanctuary.
images from Anthropologie

4. In the kitchen, put out some fresh fruit or potted wheat grass. These Farmer's Market crates from Jayson are actually ceramic, and can be used for lots of things besides berries.

5. Terrain always has a bunch of things I want, including this organic candle made with black chanterelle and cardamom flowers.... I can imagine how that must smell, and I want it (even at $18 it's still tempting!) A couple of these will make your whole house smell like summer all day long. Love it!

Once you've got your place together, it's time for a party! This book has great recipes for summer cocktails such as the Gumby Slumber and Watermelon Cooler... YUM. Have fun!

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  1. The summer is a time for cool fruit in white baskets, on a wood porch.

    I miss the carefree days of my youth, when a beach towel felt awesome to wrap yourself up in after swimming in Maxfield lake.