Friday, March 12, 2010

Re-designing the CUBE

Today the sun came out enough for me to want an iced coffee as opposed to my regular americano... got me thinking that I may need to start considering summer clothes, UGH! The upside, homemade cures for the heat, like these fun ice cubes

Just thinly slice a lemon (or orange), add to a cupcake tin filled with enough water to make them float, then freeze. Or...

... re-design the standard ice cube tray by adding those last bits of mint or berries to each cube. Also a great way to prolong the life of fresh fruits, and zest up some spring drinks like lemonade, pellegrino, or mamosa's!

Thanks, Martha!


  1. These are really cool! The next time I have a party, and it goesn't get shut down thirty-seven seconds into it, I will pop these in some mamosas for us.

  2. So simple, but I so like. This is one Martha recipe I can do! ;)