Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Liberty of London for Target

It's Spring! (well, it has been since the weekend, but I've been busy)... Nonetheless, it's time to switch out the sweaters for something more slinky! I treat my home like an extension of my own body, so I'm going to bring some spring to each room. The easiest "must-have" item to brighten a room is fresh flowers. In San Diego alone, there are tons of weekend Farmer' s Market spots that you can get great bundles at for pretty cheap. Some favorite locations are:
* Hillcrest
Little Italy
La Mesa
City Heights

Check out their websites for all the info...
Also, this week my friend Marie gushed to me about the new collection at Target by Liberty of London. Since we share the same taste (in basically everything!) I had to check it out. Unfortunately, it looks like most everything is sold out already. But I'm loving how 60's summer the whole collection feels, in everything from chairs to sundresses to pillows. I don't normally go for patterns this loud, but I have always loved this random color combination of magenta's with eggplant, or deep reds paired with pinks, like in this pillow.
On a celery green couch, these would really pop! Once again, too bad they're sold out... maybe Target will re-stock soon! The only thing that's missing from this 3-tier tray are raspberry tarts...
And you know how I feel about containers....

See More! Images from Target.com & Liberty's official website

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  1. These are loud

    Do you think they look like clip art? Or are they hand drawn?