Saturday, June 28, 2014

MASS CR8IVITY DAY: New Children's Museum

Lots of fun things to see and do at the New Children's Museum today, including the participation of my friends: local artists Joe and John, Noe from Untitled Space, and Wendy with Sophie's Gallery.

 Joe Yorty is a craftsman like none other, creating nostalgic collections of work out of concrete, wood, and fabric. He rarely sells his work, but has a goldmine of ideas that are humorous, sentimental and well executed. Here we get to see his other half take part, in a collaboration with John Brady that makes you feel young again.

Noe Olivas can be described as welcoming, resourceful and humble. His collaborative nature gives an all-access peek of interests that are relatable and stimulating. Untitled Space exists within a 1967 Chevy Step-van, (currently trimmed with pom pom balls) and serves as both a living sculpture in itself, and a stationary forum for a variety of work. If you are looking for a cause deserving of a donation, this is the place and the person to gift it.

Before my current job, I spent 5 years working at a day program for adults with developmental disabilities called St. Madeleine Sophie's Center. They are a huge organization that serves over 500 adults in a setting which includes an organic garden, pool and art program. The Gallery Administrator Wendy (not pictured) is a brilliant light and has a great appreciation for hand crafted items, folk art and recycled creations. She has single-handedly brought the talents of the participating artists to the attention of the community for many years and gets very little recognition for it. This non-profit is lucky to have someone so invested in the growth and giftedness of each individual there.Today they brought a saori loom to encourage interaction between people of all walks of life.

The New Children's museum theme is 'think, play, create'. Young or old, it has much to offer and is definitely the perfect way to color your day.

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