Sunday, November 13, 2011

alright, already we'll all float on

I love Thanksgiving because it's one of the few holidays that doesn't encourage purchasing anything to participate. You just, make something yummy and hang out with friends and family until you are too stuffed to do anything. Then you just watch t.v. (because parents always have cable) and just, hang out. it's nice.
And this year just got a bit nicer... I heard Tim Burton is making a float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
The balloon is the latest entry into the holiday parade's “Blue Sky Gallery” series, which invites artists to create flying wonders for the procession (previous works made by Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and Murakami to name a few).

This year Burton's floating art is his character called "B. Boy" or "B." for short, who has his own darkly beautiful Burtonian backstory. B. is a Frankenstein-like creature who was created from leftover balloons used at kids' parties at a London children's hospital. Isolated from playing with other children because of his jagged teeth, B. instead spent his days in the basement watching The Red Balloon and dreaming of flight.

Burton says it best, "there's always been something about balloons. You see them deflated and you see them floating. There's something quite tragic and sad and buoyant and happy, all at the same time."

On Thanksgiving Day, B. Boy’s dream will come true, and I'll be watching!

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