Monday, October 10, 2011

Silverado Salvage Farm

Around an hour away in the little town of Rainbow, yes it is actually called that (!) is a a hoarder's dream called Silverado Salvage Farm.

This outdoor thrifting adventure is full of discarded lumber, windows, furniture, knobs, canisters, figurines, light fixtures, street signs, horseshoes, and coffeemakers, all under a beautiful canopy of huge oak's. They push the limits of what one can dream up, producing not one but several old buggies, vintage piano's and chandeliers.

A quick walk through will show you the more time you spend there, the more you will uncover!

Although you will be digging through some major junk (bring wet-naps) their prices will not reward, as I found items to be a bit higher than expected. That being said, they are actually L.A. bound due next summer, and most likely will be anxious for sales in the next few months to help clear out some older inventory. Plus, where else in San Diego can you find basically an entire outdoor kitchen from the 50's?

If you are headed towards Temecula anytime before June 2012, make a stop in Rainbow. Silverado Salvage Farm is right off the 15 North freeway and is worth checking out, especially if you have any wood projects in mind. Their used building materials section is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing, and the experience alone is worth the gas out there.

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