Monday, July 11, 2011

A second run for the Summer Salon Series

Hard to believe it has been a year since last summer, when I was asked to participate in the Summer Salon Series at SDMA in Balboa. Josh and I collaborated on a social project we named Prescription Living, which turned out to be a hit, so much so that that we did not get to nearly half of the patient, waiting participants (a situation we still plan on rectifying in the near future).

Artist Lori Lipsman with her Prescription

David White, owner and artist at Agitprop, was asked back to co-curate another series of events happening again at the museum. This year however, has a whole new line up, which has already started and runs through September 1st. Every Thursday night from 5-9pm is a new event with a variety of emerging and already established local artists, offering responses to the civic conversation, "what does a city need?"

How do we build better cities, better communities, and in turn, better citizens?
Through shelter, dialogue, dignity of labor, identity and history, green space, creativity, economy and social consumerism, to start with.

More to consider at Agitprop's new website.

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