Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is not Ikea (dot com)

A great recommendation from a friend lead me to thisisnotikea.com, an awesome website that is like IKEA but way, way better... almost like IKEA's older, more cultured step sister?!

Reasons why it rules:

First off, it's also a store in L.A., called Tini which I'm dying to shop at!
Secondly, it is a vast selection of home decor items that are gently used, retro, mid-century, eclectic, industrial, vintage, modern... basically all the best. What I really like is how user friendly the website is, with items categorized no
t only by department, but by color, room, and/or style.

Like any great thing, with success comes a higher demand, and therefore higher prices. Some of the bric-a-brac is listed as a higher ticket than what I would dish out for say, an ashtray, at the same time some of the larger pieces are reasonable considering their condition, for instance this set of pretty dressers for $195 each.

Or these cute danish chairs for $150 a pop

They also offer interior design services, at a pretty penny I am sure. Not to piggyback someone else's success, but I am glad I have found a resource that is much like the aesthetic I like to design with, and within the same vein as my interests as well. That being said, I am still down for small side jobs if anyone needs a little assistance, I offer a free one hour color consultation which includes a basic needs assessment for the room of your choice. Just email me and I'd be happy to help!


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