Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The dawn of a new day for Sunset Magazine

Usually when I think of Sunset Magazine, I recall moments sitting in a doctors or dentist office with no other choices beyond Sports Illustrated and/or Women's Home Journal to pass the time. But something funny has happened, either I am aging (obviously getting closer to the 30's) or they have really spent some time with Cher from Clueless and completed a success make over. Either way, I kinda love them now!

Ever since I randomly started receiving them in the mail about 6 months ago, I have been surprised by the amount of articles and tips I have discovered, and their focus on Western living is saturated by local tidbits from San Diego and San Francisco all the way up to Portland and Seattle. They also give great idea's for Eco-friendly decorating, like this outdoor planter/bench.

In this month's issue, Pigment's new Plant Lab terrarium bar and the Pearl Hotel is mentioned, along with this awesome zero-waste home in Northern California.

I also love that they have recipes that even a working woman can keep up with, like this black bean soup with avocado
and cucumber... plus, amazing seasonal cocktails for picnics and parties are always appreciated.

So, if you're burned out by Dwell (don't get me wrong I love them but they feel so inaccessible to the average person's budget) and/or if looking for a resource you can use for weekend trips, new restaurants up the coast, or decorating how-to's, I would give Sunset a try. You might find it's way cooler than it used to be!

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