Thursday, October 28, 2010

Modern day Mad Scientist

"My friend the Witch Doctor, she told me what to do, she said..." You'll never believe this, but gargle cayenne pepper?! I have had a sore throat for several weeks, and it's getting annoying, I've tried everything, except Leah's remedy which I will try today!

This time of year everyone is already sick, getting sick, or just doesn't know it yet. I'd like to introduce
The Folk Potion's Blog, created by a local health goddess, Leah Brucker.

If we press rewind and go back to a time before the introduction of the pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine, people and animals made use of the natural resources available to them. In observation of more primitive and wild animals, scientists and indigenous healers alike, find that animals will seek out bitter plants and herbs when ailing because of their inherent antibacterial and antiviral properties. Animals intuitively and miraculously understand how to self-medicate in the wild.
[Folk Potion's] encourages self-responsibility, vigilance, and accountability for our own health by avoiding abuse of prescription drugs, antibiotics, and chemicals if alternative cures exist. Folk and alternative medicine is a safe, healthy, and inexpensive way to to heal our minds and bodies (from website.)

Instead of using over the counter medicines that have their own set of side effects, why not try some alternative forms of health and healing using supplies you may already own and/or techniques that don't require a fee! Check out Folk Potion's for your own remedies, or contact Leah if you have something specific she can give advice for.

Another great tool from my own collection, which costs less than $10.00 and is an everlasting resource, Heal your Body a book by Louise Hay. It offers hundreds of solutions for healing the root/psychological issues beneath some re-occurring health issues in an easy to access A-Z guide. It even comes in an iPhone application that you can purchase for your phone, if you're the techno-hippie type.

Feel well today!

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