Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chi Chocolat

This ghoul appeared in my hazelnut mocha today, totally by accident! It started out as a frothy top and after a few moments of neglect, I came back to this. So strange and funny at the same time!

Anyhow, I wanted to blog about a small business I have kinda been obsessed with since they relocated right next to the gallery I work at. Chi Chocolat used to be in Little Italy and is now at Liberty Station, much to my delight. They are a locally owned and operated chocolate factory, with the best coffee I have ever had. Seriously, I can't even go into Starbucks anymore (which I did begrudgingly for years for the convenience of it. Now, I can't be bothered with that nonsense!)
Some of my favorites include their champagne truffles, (which are dusted with pink sugar), the "Joaquin", which is made with Bourbon whiskey, and their raspberry Pink Peppercorn treats that have pieces of real pink peppercorns on top, straight off the tree.

Coffee-wise: Jesse, the charming Owner/Chocolatier makes the best concoctions. I am decidedly obsessed with the Vietnamese coffee, which is basically an Americano with condensed milk. The recipe comes from his wife's family, who traditionally uses a sweet condensed milk in cooking. I prefer it iced, and he makes it strong so that the sweetness does not overpower the lovely bean flavor.

This time of year, a good coffee with a side of dark chocolate dipped madeleine's makes for the perfect treat. Stop by their little shop if you are in the Point Loma area, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Don't forget tonight is the Free horror movie at the Downtown Librbary, at 6:30pm.