Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There Goes the Neighborhood...

North Park is going through some dramatic changes. Many of these changes have been spurred by the fact that it is viewed by many as an art and culture district in San Diego. This perception comes with baggage. That baggage is that when the Arts move in, gentrification is soon to follow. There Goes the Neighborhood! is a four day event that not only hopes to shed light on issues of art and its relationship to a specific community, but to also re-examine, through artistic interventions, some aspects of the neighborhood that are sometimes overlooked. There Goes the Neighborhood! has been organized by a group of artists, architects, and interested parties as a way to initiate a conversation about the dynamics of the neighborhood. Our intention, and why you are now reading this, is to include as many people from North Park in the discussion as possible. We hope to see to you there!


Thursday May 27
6pm - 9pm Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art, including the Self Portrait Machine with Joshua Bellfy.

Saturday May 29
7pm - 11pm Music show on the Bus: The Terrordactyls, Jivaro, Grilled Cheese, The Paddle Boat, Age of Collapse

Thursday June 3rd
6pm - 7pm Music show on the Bus driving to the San Diego Museum of Art

7pm - 7:30pm Vibrating Milk at the San Diego Museum of Art

7:30pm - 9pm
Panel discussion at the San Diego Museum of Art

Friday June 4th
7pm - 8 pm
Pastoral poetry reading curated by K. Lorraine Graham as part of the Agitprop
Reading and Performance Series

8pm - 11pm
Music show on the Bus driving to Fiesta Island: Mission:Valley, Riververb, Innerds

Saturday June 5th
10am - 5pm KTGN radio broadcast

10am - noon Brunch & artist talk at the Chicken Pie Shop

noon - 3pm Bicycle tour of thrift stores with Joe Yorty

2pm - 4pm Could __ be a classroom? a silk-screening workshop at local laundromats

3pm - 4pm Free Space walking tour with Megan Willis

6pm - 11pm Music show on the Bus driving to the opening of Here Not There at MCASD La Jolla and Red Ball at Sushi

Sunday June 6th
10am - 5pm
KTGN radio broadcast

noon - 3pm Luncheon on the Grass at Agitprop and the Bus

2pm - 5pm Turn Up Everything synthpack workshop with Michael Trigilio

2pm - 3pm Homeland Security walking tour with Leslie Ryan

3pm - 4pm Yard by Yard talk, and walking tour with Lesley Stern

6pm - 9pm Taking Up Space a New Orleans-style procession by artist Jessica Sledge.
Microcinema film screening curated by Cauleen Smith along the procession route

For links, a complete schedule of events and more info go to: theregoes.org

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