Monday, May 10, 2010

Pardon my French

A room inspired by a dynamite movie... Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 drama Pierrot Le Fou
Gray Couch by Country Living

Vintage Blue Enamel Floor Lamp - $575 from Nickey Kehoe

I found these Vintage Handmade Goldenrod pillows at VindeeLyndee on etsy
Mustard swirls pillow- $53 from Myakka Pillows

Kidney shaped Lucite coffee table-$1,200 from Uber Modern

Shag carpet made by Klaussner Home furnishings-

Red small vintage chair- $110 from William-Wayne & Co.

This scene from the film reminded me of Lichtenstein's work

Opaque linen panels in Platinum- $44 a panel at West Elm

1960's Panasonic clock- image from A mid-century, Modern Interiors Flickr group

Silkscreen "Je Participe"- SOLD piece from

Pierrot Le Fou
My first attempt at Pierrot Le Fou by joisyphene on

This room wouldn't be complete without a Marianne Renoir...

Get her look... Anna Karina inspired fashion ideas below:

French cigarettes, stripes and a handgun of course

All sorts of tips from Statues & Attitudes

A whole fashion show based on Karina's films at A Slowboat to Mediocrity

Pierrot Le Fou
"compensatory decorative exhilaration"

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