Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Baby Cakes

Good things can come in small packages, and one of my favorites is cupcakes! This year for my birthday I'm dying for one... or a few... hehe

I just love the whole concept of something delicious crammed into a cute cup, smeared with goodness, crowned with a candle or topper then dusted with sprinkles! What could be better?

Having your cake and eating it too!

Oh Seattle, you are only a short flight away. These creations at Trophy are just adorable. I'll take two, thank you...
These canister's from Domino are sweet!
Forget the cherry on top, I want one of these customized toppers from Diana Evans

but I also love the glitter and glitz of the vintage images you'll find at Bug & Boo on Etsy

ohmygoodness I may just have to re-think my Halloween costume.... this is too cute!
(Image All things cupcake)

Well, if I have to do it myself, these Designer baking goods make me want to bake! From the baker's confections and Urban Outfitters

Everything you could ever need at Bake it Pretty

And don't forget the sprinkles!
(image from Amy Sedaris "i like you")

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