Monday, February 15, 2010

My Maiden Voyage to Little Italy

So today is the first day in a long while that I have spent an entire day doing fun stuff! Thank the Presidents for the time off... I finally got the chance to check out all the amazing design shops that saturate Little Italy. I was so engrossed with the beauty of the furniture, I barely took any photos, but I will definitely be back for more. Here are a few shots from my first stop at Architectural Salvage:I found racks of flawless vintage glass light fixtures, bins of letters, knobs and unique hardware and from upstairs you can see just how much they have to offer. This place is a treasure trove of little bits and pieces that can be used for art projects, renovating an older home, or just for finding one of a kind pieces to use when decorating. I love the rustic ugly of the collections, and can't wait to come back and scrounge for the perfect project. For more info go to their site at

My second stop was a place I could easily live in. Boomerang For Modern is basically staged to represent the ideal (modern) Mid Century lifestyle. Love it! Check it out
Although most pieces are past my personal price range, I can't say I wouldn't fork out the cash just to own one of those couches. Or a chair. Or teak bar. Or, well basically anything in there! Till then, I can at least appreciate what it has to offer and maybe mimic the look for less.
For example, under the window which you cannot see from this angle, I found a lovely ceramic planter. This concept looks relatively easy to make myself, and would look great with some native succulents tucked into it. Here's a closer look:

Also, just up the street is another shop neatly arranged with a split level of pristine Mid Century modern furniture. Klasskik isn't as expensive as Boomerang, but still has a lot to look at, minus smaller accessories other than lamps and rugs. I did fall for a circular sectional in a celery green... and noticed it sat upon a brown leather shag priced at $500.00, twice what I found at Home Fabrics and rugs about a year ago.
In comparison, for a 5x8 at Home Fabrics I believe they ran about $250.00, which is a pretty good deal for the durability you will get from the leather. Since the strips are individually woven into the backing, they can loosen up and fall out, which may not be the best choice if you have a young child, or if your kitties get the litter box mixed up easily! But for a more masculine look to a room, or to bring some texture, I think these are an awesome choice. Just shop around before you commit to spending that much...

Lastly, I have to mention my new favorite place to shop for just about anything vintage. Antiques on Kettner has a huge selection of finds just waiting to be discovered. They had cases and cases of retro kitchenware, Victorian, silver and Bakelite jewelry, not to mention tons of well taken care of knick-knacks that make for nice bits of character around your home. They are especially stacked with a wide variety of art, sculpture and architecture books that are reasonably priced. This place is a one stop shopping haven for every room in your home! I was so good I didn't buy anything, but trust me, I will be back with tote bags! Here's their website, but seriously, just go there in person. You will see what I mean.
I really can't think of a better area in San Diego where you can literally hit up a whole slew of places specializing in mid century, modern, and antique jems, all within walking distance. Although they are a bit pricey, it's worth a trip out just to get your creative juices flowing, or if you're like me and enjoy the excitement of finding something totally original. Plus, it's a great way to spend a day outside in beautiful weather. Happy Hunting!


  1. So hitting up Boomerang for Modern. Looks cool. Did you sneak the pics, or were they pretty cool w/ photography? Anyway, informative post. Wouldn't mind sinking my toes in some shag, haha.

  2. There is a place in New York called "The Doll Hospital" and it consists of piles and piles of broken dolls. I am not sure if it is still open, but you would probably have a hay-day taking photos there! It reminded me of your mannequin parts picture...